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Image by Josh Boot


I would define my practice as a humanist approach. My role is to make you aware of what you are experiencing today, to identify your automatisms or any other repetitive pattern to propose appropriate action, which will create a new life balance.

The expertise of your place of life and/or the personalized care are an invitation to (re)discover yourself, an original way of understanding the mechanisms at work in your daily life and above all, a great opportunity to take your life into account. hand.

Everything is energy around us, everything is movement. The perfect world does not exist, we are constantly seeking harmony in movement. We are energetically connected to where we live and to everything around us.

It is important to me to share in kindness and non-judgment the different tools that I have acquired in recent years as well as the experiences in the field in order to (re)connect with yourself and also with your environment.

Support is like teamwork. Kindness, open-mindedness and clear communication are essential elements for any good collaboration.

I invite you to experience each event as a mirror through which you can meet yourself and become the actor in your own development.

For a spontaneous cooperation, based on mutual trust, carried out in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, I undertake to respect the following rules:


RESPECT your cultural values ​​and beliefs in complete neutrality.

PRESERVE your private life by guaranteeing professional secrecy.​

HELP to a new awareness by encouraging you to develop your autonomy in order to acquire a sense of personal responsibility to achieve the desired results.

BE CLEAR with myself and with you regarding the limits of my expertise. I know what I can bring to you and recognize the limits of my skills. If necessary, I will use the supervisor’s advice to optimize your well-being.​

PREVENT any illusory promise and any abuse of influence, your well-being remains my primary concern in our professional relationship.​​


GIVE a precise information on the process of the expertise to be carried out, its price and its duration in order to agree on a respectful commitment from both parties.​

CONTINUE to update my own professional knowledge and know-how through research and training.​​

PROVE in all circumstances, neutrality and an absence of proselytizing my convictions and ideals, whether political, philosophical or religious.

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