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How about improving communication with your associates and collaborators?

What if you strengthened the image and credibility of your company? Revitalize your teams and get back on the path to performance?

Are you planning to purchase premises or expand your premises? Are you looking for the ideal space?

What if we teamed up? I offer you easy-to-implement tools that will allow you to understand the operating system of your business and reveal its full potential.

“Be a step ahead of your competitors!

"I believe in a caring approach to employees to help them reach their highest potential and improve their overall well-being. We work together to develop a comprehensive action plan that will support the health of your employees and improve their job satisfaction. work and therefore their productivity.


Business Team

Expertise is aimed at any business manager or department manager wishing to invest in the health and happiness of their employees.

Feng Shui is not only aimed at emperors or multinationals, it is aimed at any company whatever its activity and size. Whether you are a consulting company, a restaurant, a hotel, a farm, an industrial site, a therapist's office.

The objective being to balance the axes of the place and also:

-Reduce stress
  -Facilitate communication

  -Find the place of each person according to their functions in the company
    -Develop creativity if necessary
  -Promote understanding in order to optimize results
  -Consolidate the feeling of belonging and create a strong corporate image

Well-being at work is a growing issue.

An active management policy is necessary to impact employee engagement, reduce turnover and improve employee productivity.

You can benefit from Feng Shui when moving or reorganizing your office. A Feng Shui expertise is an interesting alternative, bringing attention to the notions of harmony and well-being of office occupants.

“Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business. It's that simple ! » Richard Branson boss VIRGIN group

Many large companies have used this ancient art: Sephora, IKEA, The Body Shop for their stores, British Airways for its headquarters, the Accord group, Kellog's, Shell, Universal Studios use many Feng Shui qualities to maximize their profits and the potential of their business and their staff. These large companies devote large budgets to Feng Shui layout. In fact, this results in improved performance. In France, companies that call on a Feng Shui expert are considered pioneers.

There is resonance between the energies of the workplace and the energies of the people. This is why the people and the layout are studied.

Did you know?

 87% of people questioned in a Fellowes study think that health and well-being at work should be a real priority for their company?

Among the most important factors for feeling good at work,
95% cite the work environment and workspace.

Become partner!

Are you architects, decorators, real estate or construction professionals? This service can bring added value to your field. Professional feng shui expertise can set you apart from your competitors and make THE difference in winning the contract.

Meeting Room Business



For each Feng Shui expertise, I draw inspiration and rely on several methods, notably those of the School of form, the School of the compass, the School of flying stars, the Theory of the 5 elements and Geobiology Scientist.





An initial telephone interview will allow us to discuss your expectations and thus define the areas in which you would like to see improvements. This exchange will be an opportunity to present your situation (number of employees and their role in the company as well as the total surface area of ​​the location).

This will also be an opportunity for me to present my working method to you. At the end of this first contact and if you wish to go further, I will offer you a quote and after validation, we will agree on an on-site meeting together.

At this time, and for the inventory to be more effective, please send me the documents below by email, before visiting the site:

- a recent and precise plan of the place of expertise with measured measurements and cardinal orientations, an architect's plan being ideal.

If you wish, I can optionally take the measurements myself during the visit and draw up the detailed plan.

The goal is to understand how your business works by offering you an outside vision. This is the first step in becoming aware of the strengths and possible dysfunctions that will allow you to make the changes you want for the well-being of your business.

Visit procedure:
-Observation of the location with exterior and interior shots
-Geobiology Verification
-Discussion about your goals
-Definition of priority areas to be promoted
-Measurement report if the site plan is not provided (optional service)
-Reading measurements with the Luo Pan compass
-Sharing of key information around calendar dates, significant events or background relating to the place to be assessed (date of move-in, date of construction, significant events, background, etc.) and to employees (date of birth, position within the company). the company...)


​​Respecting the moral rules of the practice of Feng Shui, all information collected

will of course remain strictly confidential.





​Following the site visit and for the company to become a place conducive to development, the following points will be identified:

-The strengths and weaknesses of your premises
-Identification of the personal characteristics of the team
-The ideal placement of services according to their function and the office of the business manager
-The ideal orientation of offices according to each person
- The layout, placement and management of the atmospheres of any open space, show room, reception

​The results of the Feng Shui expertise in line with your expectations and needs are then returned to you within a period to be defined together (minimum period of two weeks), in the form of a written and detailed report, delivered by hand during a second visit.


Once the potential for transformation has been determined, this second visit will allow us to best support you on the path to change and ensure a clear understanding of the proposed recommendations. We will review all the proposals to answer all your questions and possible concerns.

Note that the results linked to the implementation of the recommendations will be more or less rapid depending on the investment and involvement of each person. It is essential that you are an actor of change, the remedies must therefore be placed by each of you and consciously.

At the end of this second meeting, free support for three months is provided, if you have other questions that arise along the way.

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