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Transform your energy  

Recreate a healthy relationship with your environment


in the Inspire Art des Espaces universe

energy support

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Access to a new perspective that will allow you to get a new point of view on your story and restore your relations

your relationship between your body and your mind

reestablishing the relationship with the mind is also reestablishing that with the body

your interpersonal relationships

improving your communication and your ability to build healthy relationships

your relationships between people and their environment

treating the environment with respect can make all the difference to a more abundant and fulfilling life

your relationship between mind and matter

by developing a deeper understanding of your inner self, you can live a happier, more fulfilling life

  How? by offering 3 ways to regain your full potential

Harmonisation Cécilia Pivot-Bergero
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Take care of your relationships with your internal and external environment

Ateliers Cécilia Pivot-Bergero
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Because sharing, transmitting and exchanging is one of my priorities

Expertises feng shui Cécilia Pivot-Bergero
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For a recirculation of energy



"I created Inspire Art des Espace and my method LOKAHI because I believe in the necessity of having a global vision to achieve harmony. I invite you to live your interior as a powerful revealer. I do not claim to have the truth, I invite you to go to meet your truth.My intention is to guide you in this (re)discovery of yourself by exploring your habitat and/or your body through the mirror effect."

Inspire art de espaces Holistic support

Visual Merchandiser
Feng Shui Expert
Geobiologist scientist
Ho'oponopono Practitioner
Alakai Aloha International
Workshop speaker

Since 2016, Inspire Art des Espaces has been offering to support you in your desire for profound changes.

I invite you to (re)contact yourself through my experiences in various fields such as Feng Shui, Bioenergy, Geobiology and Kahili Huna (Hawaiian shamanism).

I am convinced that energy balance encompasses humans and also their environment. We have lost this contact thinking that it is the outside that will help us.

In 2023, I created my own method which I called "LOKAHI" in homage to my heart connection with the Hawaiian Islands. This word means unity, harmony, acceptance. LO means to get and KAHI is the shortened version of 'ekahi which is the number one.

I invite you, through my Lokahi method, to be at peace with yourself, and therefore with your environment.


Cécilia PIvot-Bergero

Lokahi teaches us

that we need each other .


In addition to my specific method, I also offer classic Feng Shui expertise by balancing the energies of your home and/or your workplace.

I defend the idea that everything is linked and that to find the well-being that we are looking for,

it is necessary to combine methods.

You always have the choice, which is why Inspire Art des Espaces offers different possibilities depending on the needs and objectives of each person.​

Any complementary alternative approach cannot and should not replace medical treatment.

current or future.

Cécilia Pivot Bergero créatrice d'opportunités
Photo @Eva Bigeard

What if we teamed up to:


another way of approaching the world and taking action


your potential using a unique method



your resources in order to adapt and understand daily situations


simple tools to implement


the process that allows you to flourish

Cécilia Pivot Bergero créatrice d'opportunités
Qui suis-je?

Who am I?

"My role is to make you aware of what you are experiencing today, to identify your automatisms or any other repetitive pattern to propose an appropriate action, which will generate awareness. I am a creator of opportunities, not a healer. I invite you to (re)become responsible for your choices (and not guilty). The different support methods that I offer can release any blockages or difficulties, in order to (re)become (finally) who you are , with your shadows and your light."

Lokahi by Inspire Art des Espaces
Cécilia Pivot Bergero
Cécilia Pivot Bergero
Cours d'énergétique
Mariage Hawaii
Cecilia Boussole FengShui
Cécilia Pivot Bergero
ski Cécilia

Graduated from the French School of Feng Shui (EFFS)
French School of Geobiology (Géobios)
Bioenergy (ACMOS by OPS)
Ho'oponopono Practitioner Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len
Advanced Ho'oponopono practitioner Joe Vitale
Alakai Huna with Pete Dalton and Serge Kahili King
Visual Merchandiser since 2000
Reiki level I and II

If I had to use just one word to define myself, I would choose: "passionate", at the risk of sounding a bit cliché. It must be said that I was lucky enough to be able to pursue my passions very early on. In 1989, I discovered snowboarding and became a professional a few years later, alongside my studies. A first knee operation required me to be immobilized. By listening to my body, seeking total and conscious healing, I then turn to alternative health practices. In 1998, I learned about Reiki, which allows me to approach the energy that surrounds us. My curiosity for various oriental practices and philosophies put me in 1999 on the path of yoga and Mei Hua Zhuang (a Chinese martial art) through which I discovered another vital energy and opened myself to other cultures.

My studies completed, a second operation put an end to my career as a professional snowboarder. I then threw myself fully into working life. First a saleswoman in a sports store, I quickly discovered visual merchandising. Working on intuition regarding the placement of furniture and other arrangements, I then measure in the field the power of architectural space and the behavioral impact of energy circulation. Challenged by my feelings, I set out in search of answers and began my first research on Feng Shui.

From 2009, as a field visual merchandiser for a Scandinavian sports brand, in charge of Europe and Asia, I increased my travels. They allow me to immerse myself in other cultures, opening me to other points of view and perspectives. My business trips to Hong Kong definitely anchored in me the need to expand my approach to Feng Shui through an in-depth study of its founding elements and its philosophy.

In 2016, a change of position offered me the opportunity to free up time to train in Feng Shui. Very quickly, I understood the need to also train in scientific geobiology in order to provide more detailed and effective habitat expertise. From 2019, I am training in bioenergetics (ACMOS method) in order to be able to offer complete home/person care. Since 2020, I have also supported high-level athletes with their preparation and recovery.

An heartfelt bond has been created with the Hawaiian Islands for over twenty years now. Increasing the number of trips to these sacred lands and after all these last years studying different techniques of personal and habitat care, I decided to take an interest in Kahili Huna and to introduce myself to this ancestral Hawaiian shamanic knowledge. . I was already practicing Huna without knowing it during my field and treatment experiments. This initiation with Aloha International brings me new tools to share and has completely transformed my vision of life by making it a new art of living that I share with pleasure.


I offers you a new perspective to understand your personal and environmental relationships with practices and tools adapted to the modern world and which you can share without limits. This is also what I like about the Huna: its simplicity and its adaptability in every circumstance.


Because, what would be the point of all these practices if we do not experience them personally?

"With this passion that drives me today, I put my knowledge and life experiences at your service to support you in your search for harmony."


How can I help you?

Image by Bernard Hermant

Cécilia Kalapa'au Pivot-Bergero
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If you would like a quote, please let me know which service you are interested in.

For an expert quote, please specify:
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- the number of inhabitants
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