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Inspire, Share, Connect

LOKAHI method
by Inspire Art des Espaces

"Ua ola loko i ke aloha"

Healing comes from within through love

Your thoughts and beliefs shape your experience of the world. The Lokahi method takes you on a journey to the heart of yourself.

What if you (re)connected with your own faculties in order to manifest your creative power?

I guide you, reveal you to yourself, I open the path for you and it is you, if you wish, who travel this path.

This method requires your active participation, you can make the changes you are looking for, I am not a guru, I place your total responsibility in these changes on you.

This method concerns the harmonization of the body and/or the environment (living or working place).

"This method is the result of personal experimentation over many years and my explorations in the field. It is not a simple energetic cleansing, it is a journey of (re)discovery and personal transformation. It is up to you to choose start with your body or your environment.”


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For any individual and professional who allows themselves a (re)connection to themselves and who nourishes the deep desire to gently carry out lasting transformations with tailor-made harmonization for your body and/or your environment.

This method has also proven its effectiveness in preparing for specific events .


I work with athletes

- high level: freeride skiing, triathletes (ironman Hawaii), contemporary dance, women's hockey (Beijing Olympics)

- amateurs: preparation and recovery for specific events or for the comfort of regular practice.


And also for people wishing to regain their full potential before or after an event such as an interview or an important meeting.

This method is also successfully offered to therapists who need to recharge their batteries regularly.


You want to see change , because you feel unhappiness in your home, or in yourself


For individuals: (non-exhaustive list)

  • Take care of your personal and environmental relationships

  • Find your potential

  • Strengthen your resources

  • Trigger the self-healing process

  • Make it easier to fall asleep

  • Prepare an event

For professionals: (non-exhaustive list)

  • Take care of interpersonal and commercial relations

  • Improve and revitalize communication

  • Improve productivity

  • Manage human resources

  • Develop the commercial level

For animals: (non-exhaustive list)

  • Unusual behaviors

  • Untimely urine


​This method is a summary of my different experiences of care: on people, living spaces and professional places.

I use the Lecher antenna as a measuring instrument, bioenergy and your imagination.


I apply the principles of Kahili Huna (Hawaiian spirituality and shamanism) to guide you towards awareness and (re)connect you to your body and your environment.

For the places, it's the same principle, adding my expertise in geobiology and feng shui.


The acquisition over the years of these different tools have merged with my intuitive understanding, and allows me to choose the most relevant one(s) and propose a personalized harmonization .

"Are you aware that you already hold all the powers you need to create your life? You already hold the keys to healing and the solution will come from within. My goal is to awaken you to this awareness rather than simply making possible symptoms disappear. Harmonization needs to be lived, experienced and felt to be truly understood."

LOKAHI is a global method, allowing us to understand man in all his aspects. It is based on (re)connection with your body and your feelings. We have lost this contact thinking that it is the outside that will help us. I invite you, through my Lokahi method, to be at peace with yourself, and therefore with your environment.

Healing begins with the need to heal. When there is an imbalance, the body responds by trying to restore itself. Whatever the imbalance, there is always a certain physical tension, a stress involved. It would then be enough to free oneself from this tension to heal.

​Anyone who wants to get better must have the intention or motivation to do so, otherwise healing will never happen. There is undoubtedly a natural intention of the body to get better. It uses signals such as pain to notify the brain that it needs help. But stress interferes with the body's ability to heal itself.

​The mental aspect is an important part of healing. Like the body, the mind is highly influenced by energy. In fact, every energy source that affects the body also affects the mind which can stress itself. The body accepts the mind as an authority, but it also accepts the authority of memory, energy and those of others.

I use the power of imagination to guide you.

The mind is an expert in imagination, and imagination affects the body. Therefore, if you use it clothing, you can help your body heal yourself. The body is constantly reacting to the mind and if you can mess up your body with what you think, you can heal it too!!!

This method is a real holistic body/mind/soul incorporation.

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

LOKAHI session for the body

from 95€






I use the Lecher antenna which allows me to take stock of your situation, to visualize the body's weaknesses on an energetic, organic and mental level.

I have created my own protocols in order to enter into dialogue with your body and then detect residual memories that need to be cleaned on the day of the session.


This is where you come in. I guide you step by step to meet residual memories thanks to visualization and the various tools that your body has chosen.

We are both going on a journey towards yourself, and you are the hero.


I then use a specific bioenergy protocol, always in dialogue with your body, this time thanks to the harmony scales contained in my bioenergy suitcase.

The body then demands one or more products on an acupuncture point specific to its current needs.

Usually, I ask few questions about your current state at the start of the session. I like to rely on the Lokahi diagnosis, without possibly being influenced by the details of the problems that you would have shared beforehand. I have a cartesian side and prefer to rely on the antenna and my feelings rather than my mind.

A Lokahi attunement to the person lasts 1h30 minimum, often 2 hours and can sometimes go up to 3 hours depending on needs.

It is recommended to follow up according to the body's request. A test is carried out at the end to know the next exchange. Faced with the well-being brought by the sessions, many people do not make appointments again, "since they are well" and wait until they are ill. Here too, it's up to you what you want to do, you are solely responsible for your well-being.

Image by Kari Shea

LOKAHI session for the location

from 160€





I use the Lécher antenna which allows me to take stock of your living or professional place, to visualize the specific needs of the place and the problems that you have shared with me.

I created my own protocols in order to enter into dialogue with the place and then detect residual energies that need to be cleansed on the day of the session.

I also use my expertise in Geobiology and Feng Shui to measure possible geopathogenic zones.


I use the Lécher antenna which allows me to take stock of your living or professional place, to visualize the specific needs of the place and the problems that you have shared with me.

I created my own protocols in order to enter into dialogue with the place and then detect residual energies that need to be cleansed on the day of the session.

I also use my expertise in Geobiology and Feng Shui to measure possible geopathogenic zones.


I then use a specific protocol that always resonates with the place. It happens that it is through your body that the energy needs to pass, everything is possible. Anyway, as for personal care I use harmony scales contained in my bioenergy suitcase.

The place then requires one or more products on a specific point. If necessary I also use my expertise in geobiology and feng shui.



Where you live or work can offer us a kind of foundation that allows you to connect deeply with yourself. Place is an external representation of ourselves: a physical, mental and emotional projection . These projections begin to appear in different ways: an array of swirling energies that affect you on subtle and deep levels that most of you are not aware of. This invisible, non-physical world is made up of energy emitted by the earth, by objects in your home, by previous occupants and, most importantly, by your energy field.

Understanding how the energies of your home affect you and, likewise, how you affect it can profoundly change the way you view your home. Plus, changing the way you live in your home can dramatically change your life . Your home is more than just a physical shell: it is the space with which we are most intimately connected . We cry, we laugh, we dream, we make love, we expose ourselves and we express ourselves more at home than anywhere else. This is the space in which we are most vulnerable. It is a container for our thoughts and emotions . Our home is an energetic expression and physical extension of who we are.

When you make changes to your home, you are making changes to yourself.

When you make conscious changes in your home, you can transform your life and discover your soul .

Image by Prudence Earl
Image by Toa Heftiba

As soon as I arrive on site, we will take the time to discuss your needs. If you wish, all the inhabitants of the place, or your collaborators can be present during this moment of exchange and during the harmonization and share their feelings because everyone is different. Everyone bringing their own energy to the place.

A Lokahi harmonization for the place lasts at least 2 hours, sometimes much more, depending on the needs of the moment and the number of people participating in the harmonization and of course the surface area of ​​the place.

The energies are always in movement, harmonization will increase the resonance with the vibrations of the places. It is also recommended to carry out follow-up. A test is carried out at the end to know the next exchange if necessary. Of course, it is up to you alone to decide to do this, it is a commitment to yourself.

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