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“Waiho wale kahiko”

Ancient secrets are now revealed.

Because share and transmit is one of my main motivations, I offer throughout the year workshops on different themes. I also offer accompaniments in nature during yoga retreats or hikes.

It is possible to organise a workshops for your friends if you want an original event! (minimum 5 persons, organizor not included)

Do you have a special need? I would be happy to prepare a tailor-made workshop on the theme of your choice!


Let's become a partner


Feng Shui workshops

Feng Shui workshops open to all curious people wishing to discover another way of approaching the world.

Upcoming workshops from February 2024.

Registrations are open.

Discovery workshops Inspire Art des Espaces

Interventions during masterclasses offered to students, future naturopaths, in order to understand theenvironmental influences on our health and energies.

This masterclass provides tools allowing them to be precise in their diagnosis and teaches them to connect to their intuition.

Participation in yoga or healing retreats by offering energetic trips in nature or at the chalet.

Next themes and dates to come.

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Introductory Feng Shui workshops

to have new perspectivesabout the profession of interior decorator and making a difference in the field.

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