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Do you have a few questions?

here are some common ones, do not hesitate to contact me if you do not find your question in this list

What sets you apart from other companions?

This is a question that often comes up given the abundance of proposals on the wellness market. I would say that the first difference is me!!! :)
Because ultimately beyond the chosen method it is important that you are comfortable and confident. I have field experience with individuals and professionals. My curiosity and my desire to always discover and share have allowed me to acquire, over time, different techniques that complement each other perfectly. These allow me to offer you tailor-made support depending on your current state. And above all, I have tested them all on myself before, experimentation is essential for me.

What are the benefits of a LOKAHI session?

The first is to regain your capacity for self-management: I give you enough energy to continue your path towards well-being. I help you modify your conditioning and move to a new stage of your evolution. The first step is wanting to make this change and setting the intention without feeling guilty.
A non-exhaustive list can be drawn up: Energetic refocusing / Removal of energetic attachments / Awareness and change of toxic relationships and habits / (Re)inhabiting the physical body fully / Deeper connection with Spirit / Increasing your intuition
Of course all these benefits depend on the commitment you make to yourself.

How is this method unique?

I would answer as for the first question: it is unique because I am unique. These are my personal experiences and my field experiments that I share with you. To my knowledge, no one mixes all the tools that I have acquired in recent years. I obviously don't know the whole world, perhaps I have an unknown colleague. In any case, what I am sure of is that no one has understood the experiences like me since they are personal to me, my changes of perspective throughout my research belong only to me. I share them with you and do not impose them on you, I adapt to your current needs.

What is the difference between face-to-face and remote care?

There is none. Apart from saving time in transport and possible travel costs. Remote sessions can be done by telephone, video, you just need a computer or smartphone and a wifi connection.
I also often do the treatment remotely on my own, and do the debrief by telephone at the end. As usual, it depends on your needs and desires.


Why do you offer tracking?

At each harmonization, I ask with the Lecher antenna if the body or the place needs follow-up: this may be a week later (in serious cases), a month or several months apart. It depends on how much time your body or place needs to refocus and regain its self-management capabilities. It also depends on your commitment to yourself or where you live or work. The energies will change at their own pace: all the work of rebalancing the resonances between your body, people and places will take more or less time depending on your personal involvement. The objective is to give you back all your energy capacities in the long term.

What is the danger of this practice? Are there any side effects?

As I often say: “at worst, it doesn’t matter!” This has never happened before :)
It may happen after the harmonizations that you feel tired: it is important to allow for the possibility of resting for a moment. It is also essential to hydrate well because harmonization creates organic and energy waste. These wastes will be evacuated by the body and its lymphatic system, it is then possible that you will want to urinate more, that you will sweat more and for women that your periods will be more abundant. Without wanting to demotivate you, it has sometimes happened that the person has a little diarrhea or vomiting the day after attunement. This situation depends on what the body needs to evacuate, sometimes it is large pieces :) For me this is good news because the body cleans itself in depth, and this episode does not last.

How long does it take to feel better?

As soon as the first harmonization comes out, you will feel lighter. The goal of these harmonizations is to support you in the long term and not just when you are not doing well, that is why there is follow-up. The intention is to balance your body enough to see itself through the changing seasons.

Can we get an harmonization in a professional place?

Yes, of course. I would also like to do it more often! We spend most of our time in an enclosed space and mainly at our workplace. This place is charged with all the energies of employees, possible clients, the energies of weekly meetings, possible conflicts. Nobody takes into account the energetic atmosphere of offices and other stores. Have you ever walked into a place and felt uncomfortable? This is one of the signs (there are others) that harmonization is necessary.
Starting from the principle of everything is Unity, there is no difference between you, your place of life and your place of work (to name a few). Do you feel good at home? Do you feel just as good at your workplace? If you want to do a session and you think (ask the question, you never know) that your colleagues will not be interested, it is possible to do remote treatment.

What do I need?

The first thing is to want to go further and to have decided to take charge of your life. An open mind and a little curiosity are welcome. The treatment is done sitting or lying down, as you wish. Choose loose, comfortable clothes to be comfortable.

Why don't I dare call you?

Maybe you're afraid of change or wary of "those energy therapies." If you prefer, you can also write to me.

Any complementary alternative approach cannot and should not replace current or future medical treatment.

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