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The value of a complete expertise depends on several factors:

- the surface area of your home/business
- number of occupants/collaborators
- number of floors
Without forgetting to take into account the specific needs of each individual.

Inspire Art des Espaces proposes several options (see chart below)

                                                   MANA    complete feng shui expertise

                                                   KALA       classic feng shui expertise

                                                   MAKIA    feng shui diagnostic

All those programs can be done remotely. I work a lot with foreign countries: there are no difference in effectiveness and if you choose to put my recommendations in place, the benefits are identical.

You have also the possibility to organize a workshop with your friends or colleagues.​

Mark color.png
table recap lokahi.png

The MANA program benefits from absolutely all my expertise tools.

The KALA program focuses on the study of feng shui.

The MAKIA program offers a diagnosis, the debrief will be done orally by telephone or video.

All these assessments can be done remotely if you wish to reduce travel costs. There is no difference in effectiveness, the energetic feelings are unlimited. I work a lot with people abroad.

I really like meeting people and places, here too the choice is yours.

As I shared with you previously, the value of a feng shui expertise depends on the size of the place, the number of inhabitants and floors.

I offer you as an example the value of the expertise carried out by Claire and Julien who have a 5 year old son (so two adults and a child ). They live in an apartment ( without floor ) of 60 m² in Annecy (beyond 30 km around Chamonix, travel costs according to the national scale)

If you live outside France, you can contact me for a free quote .

prix fs.png

Does this seem expensive to you?
This is the right price for my experiences acquired in the field, the time spent cross-checking the different analysis grids, the knowledge of the different feng shui schools and my energy investment.

It is an investment that will pay off in inner well-being and will support your energy evolution in your environment. You're worth it, aren't you?

Do you want to organize a Feng Shui workshop with friends?

Check out the suggested themes .

Workshops are organized for a minimum of 5 people (excluding the organizer). The value is €30 per person for two hours (free for the organizer)

Are you a professional and would like to organize a workshop for your colleagues or students?

You can also consult the themes offered , knowing that it is possible to create a tailor-made workshop according to your specific needs.

A free quote will be provided to you.

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