I offer tailor-made and customized advice, concrete solutions tailored to your request and respecting your requirements. First of all, it is very important that you have the consent of your spouse to have your property appraised. The effects of Feng Shui will have an influence on all the inhabitants of the house, by changing your life, and modifying that of the relatives.
1 - Getting Started

An initial telephone interview will allow us to discuss your expectations and thus define the areas in which you wish to see improvements. It will also be an opportunity for me to present my method of work.

At the end of this initial contact and if you wish to go further, I will propose an estimate and after validation, we will agree together a meeting on site.

To make the inventory more efficient, please send me the following documents by e-mail before the on-site visit:

- a precise plan of your dwelling with measurements and cardinal orientations, an architect plan being the ideal. If you wish, I can optionally take the measurements myself during the visit and carry out the detailed plan (optional service).
- the number of inhabitants and their place in the family
- the total living area
2 - Meeting you (3 to 4 hours)

Even if remote expertise is possible, I highly recommend a visit on site to meet you, to discover your environment so to soak up the energies of the place.

Conduct of the visit:

- Observation of the place with external and internal photo shots
- Verification of geobiology
- Exchange around your aspirations, your difficulties, your blockages
- Definition of the priority areas to be valued
- Record of measurements if the housing plan is not provided (optional service)
- Measurement survey with Luo Pan geomagnetic compass
- Sharing of key information around calendar dates, events or precedents relating to the dwelling (date of move, date of construction, significant events ...) and the inhabitants (date of birth, place in family...)

          Respecting the moral rules of the practice of Feng Shui, all information received will of course be strictly confidential.

3 - Realization of expertise

Once those data are collected and analyzed, I draw up a complete map of the place and its occupants, based on 4 different levels of study (landscape, house, inhabitants and time). I set out an accurate picture of the dwelling and its impact on health, thus determining the good directions and orientations to each of its inhabitants, according to the priorities defined together. I then elaborate proposals for modifications to be implemented in order to respond concretely to your aspirations and life goals.
4- Second visit

The results of the Feng Shui assessment are then returned to you within three weeks, in the form of a detailed written report, hand-delivered on a second visit.
To help you on the path of change and a clear understanding of the proposed recommendations, we will review all the proposals. I would be pleased to answer all your questions and questions.
Note that the results related to the implementation of the recommendations will be more or less rapid according to your personal investment and your involvement. It is essential that you be actor of the change, the remedies must therefore be placed by you in conscience.
No stress in setting up, at the end of this second meeting, a free follow-up of three months is assured, if you have other questions that emerge along the way.


    "Change happens in you not when you try to force yourself to change,
but when you become aware of what does not work in you. "



"Etre conscient de soi en union parfaite avec la nature c'est atteindre la parfaite harmonie"

                                                                                                                                                 Lao Tseu