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"I suggest you become responsible (but not guilty)!"

You already have the keys to healing and the solution will come from within. As a creator of opportunities, I want to fully involve you in this transformation program. My goal is to awaken you to this awareness rather than simply removing any symptoms.

Inspire Art des Espaces offers care techniques for the home (Feng Shui), construction (Geobiology) and the inhabitant (Bioenergetics). Three methods linked to each other which will allow you to translate what is happening in your life at the moment and give you all the chances to understand the message (s) of your house or your body which express an issue to resolve.

If you are reading this page, it is probably because you want to see change, perhaps because you feel unwell in your home, or in yourself.I hope that you will become an actor in your life and that you regain your autonomy. Expertise will be the trigger for self-healing, awareness being the ultimate goal of any expertise carried out at Inspire Art des Espaces. Give meaning and tools for a deep acceptance of the situation.


Allow an outside look to bring you inward.

No re-harmonization device is offered for sale. All the advice and recommendations provided are personalized and adapt to your personal aspirations and to what is possible for you to do today.

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