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Neither religion, nor sect, nor magic, Feng Shui which literally means "wind and water" is part of an unconditional whole of life on earth. Nothing is trivial, nothing is absolute, everything is a question of balance of forces.

"To appeal to Feng Shui is to give yourself the chance to be helped and to achieve your goals by being attentive to your immediate environment but also by being attentive to yourself and your desires."

Today strong of a complete Feng Shui teaching which privileges the place of the Being within the universe and carried by the prodigious results obtained post-expertise, I use various techniques to apprehend the dynamics of the places and to harmonize the circulation of energies with a view to improving living conditions and performance.

A complete and professional Feng Shui analysis is based on rigorous and complex techniques. For each Feng Shui expertise, I draw inspiration from and rely on several methods, in particular those of the School of Form, the School of the Compass, the School of Flying Stars, the Theory of the 5 Elements and Geobiology. Scientist.

Ecole de la forme (San He)

It is the oldest school of Feng Shui. It is interested in the external environment around the house and its impact on the well-being of the inhabitants. It studies the relief which directly affects the energy which circulates (the Qi) and this, in a more or less beneficial way. By the animal symbolism of surrounding forms and metaphors, she defines the best locations land for the establishment of a house, a business or a business.

Ecole de la Boussole (Ba Zhai)

This school adopts a broader perspective, based on the Qi modeled by the direct environment, which influences the energy of each of the occupants of the place. It takes into account many parameters such as shapes, orientations, placement of parts or decoration and offers an energy map of the habitat determined using the Luo Pan, a geomantic compass. Thus, each sector of the habitat represents an aspiration of life (health, projects ...), an element, a form and materials. Each individual is placed at the heart of the expertise. As a unique being, the School of the Compass considers the place of each person in the habitat and establishes favorable and unfavorable orientations for each thanks to the dates of birth, the trigrams of the Yi-King (book of transformations) and by the calculation of the Ming Gua.

Ecole des Etoiles Volantes (San Yuan)

Everything is movement, nothing is fixed. This school focuses on the analysis of astral and temporal influences in your living space, your business or your trade. Nature works in cycles. It is the same with man. Taking into account the time dimension provides important information on the vitality of the energies present at the time of the expertise. It allows you to define the potentials and weaknesses of your habitat or business in the current space-time, based on the scholarly calculations of the Lo Shu square to identify the flying stars, that is to say the forces in action. within the habitat. This is why it is recommended to carry out a study of the flying stars every year because the remedies proposed during an expertise can evolve over the years.

Les 5 éléments

Using the Theory of the 5 elements during a Feng Shui expertise makes it possible to update the possible precariousness of the energy balance of one or more elements likely to break the harmony. The harmony of our environment, and therefore of our lives, is conditioned by natural cycles. The presence of the elements in your home influences the energy vibrations. It is important to balance them.

La Géobiologie 


If Feng shui is sometimes defined as an acupuncture method for a place of life, Geobiology is assimilated to a form of habitat medicine.
Complementary and inseparable from any Feng Shui expertise, Geobiology establishes a second energy reading of the place. To harmonize the inhabitant, the habitat and its environment. It uses different techniques to detect nuisances that affect the well-being and health of residents.

Trained by the French School of Geobiology, I use the Lecher antenna to detect cosmotelluric phenomena and various devices to measure electromagnetic pollution in order to propose an appropriate energy rebalancing.

Note that during a Feng Shui expertise, the bedroom(s) will be analyzed as a priority. If you want a complete geobiological expertise of your habitat, a specific request will be necessary.

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