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What about forgetting your state of permanent stress? What if you finally find the professional activity that suits you?

Do you express the desire to free yourself from the feeling that everything is difficult in your life right now? How could you help your children to be more focus?

Do you want to find your place? Would you like to see your projects come to life?

What if we team up? I offer you easy to implement tools that will allow you, if you agree to take 100% of your responsibilities, to regain the power to change your life without depending on anything, or anyone outside of yourself.




Twisted Wall

A Feng Shui expertise is an inventory that will allow you to question your current difficulties. Excellent tool for self-knowledge, this millennial art, based on Taoist cosmology studies the influences of the environment which act on your living conditions and your moods.

Man, placed between the sky and earth can find his place in order to flourish and live in harmony. All the energies that inhabit a place have a particular impact and effect on its inhabitants, and by harmonizing the living space we can balance all areas of life.

Deciding to make a Feng Shui expertise is above all to want to awaken your conscience with the desire to find a balance in life, to reveal your interior and your potentials.

Feng Shui is practiced everywhere, whether you are in a studio, a maid's room or even a castle, whether you are an owner or a tenant.

"My role is to give you the facts and put understanding tools at your disposal"




For each Feng Shui expertise, I draw inspiration from and rely on several methods, in particular those of the School of Form, the School of the Compass, the School of Flying Stars, the Theory of the 5 Elements and Geobiology. Scientist.



meeting on site


An initial telephone interview will allow us to discuss to get to know you expectations and thus define the areas in which you wish to see improvements. This exchange will be an opportunity to present your situation to me (number of inhabitants in the place of residence and their place in the family as well as the total surface area of ​​your habitat).

It will also be an opportunity for me to present my working method to you. At the end of this first contact and if you wish to go further, I will offer you a proposal and after validation, we will agree together on an appointment on site.

For the inventory to be more effective, you can send me by email a precise plan of your home with:

- metered measurements

- the cardinal orientations

An architect's plan is ideal. If you wish, I can optionally take the measurements myself during the visit and make the detailed plan.

Even if a distance expertise is possible, I strongly recommend an on-site visit to meet you. Discovering your environment will allow me to soak up the energies of the place.

Schedule of the visit:

- Observation of the place with exterior and interior shots

- Verification of the geobiology of the bedroom and office if you work from home (possibility of complete geobiological expertise)

- Exchange around your aspirations, your difficulties, your blockages

- Definition of priority areas to be valued

- Statement of measurements if the plan of the house is not provided (optional service)

- Reading of measurements with the Luo Pan geomantic compass

- Sharing of key information around calendar dates, significant events or history relating to housing (move-in date, construction date, key events, history, etc.) and residents (date of birth, place in the family...)

Respecting the moral rules of the practice of Feng Shui, all the information collected will of course remain strictly confidential.

Shake on It



​Once the data has been collected and analyzed, I then draw up a complete energy map of the place and its occupants, based on 4 different levels of study (landscape, house, inhabitants and time). This phase allows:

- determine the strengths and opportunities that your habitat represents

- work on your weak points.

- establish a precise overview of the home and its impact on health

- determine the directions and orientations favorable to each of its inhabitants, according to the priorities defined together.

I then work out proposals for changes to be implemented to concretely meet your aspirations and life goals.

The results of the Feng Shui expertise are then returned to you within a period to be defined together (minimum period of two weeks), in the form of a written and detailed report, delivered by hand during a second visit.

To best support you on the path to change and for a clear understanding of the proposed recommendations, we will review all the proposals. I would be happy to answer all your questions and queries.

Note that the results related to the implementation of the recommendations will be more or less rapid depending on your personal investment and your involvement. It is essential that you are an actor of change, the remedies will therefore have to be placed by you and in conscience.

No stress about the implementation, at the end of this second meeting, a free three-month follow-up is guaranteed, if you have other questions that arise along the way.

Feng Shui expertise is only worthwhile if it is well understood and integrated.

uring the changes, a purification is strongly recommended in order to put the beneficial energies back in place.

However, everyone follows their own rhythm in the face of change. Some will implement the recommendations on the same day as the expert report, others will sometimes take a week, months and sometimes years.

If you wish to wait, purification will be offered as an option and carried out at your convenience.




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