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It is also possible to choose a Feng Shui diagnosis:


1 - Contact with a telephone interview (as for the full expertise)

2 - The meeting on site and live analysis All the work is therefore done on site. I invite you to take notes at this time.


Sequence of the visit:

- Observation of the place (outside and inside)

- Verification of the geobiology of the bedroom (s) (a complete geobiological assessment of the habitat is possible on request)

- Exchange around your aspirations, your difficulties, your blockages

- Definition of priority areas to enhance

- Reading of measurements with the Luo Pan geomantic compass

- Sharing of key information around calendar dates, significant events or antecedents relating to housing (date of move-in, construction date, significant events, antecedents ...) and to inhabitants (date of birth, place in the family...)

- Suggested remedies

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