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What if you decide to end this anxiety? How about (re) finding your vitality?


The bioenergetics Acmos can bring you the keys which will allow you to find your balance.

Who is this method for?

To anyone wishing to regain their balance. I am fortunate to follow professional dancers and top athletes who find a way in this care to reconnect their sensations and their physical capacities in order to be 100% present in their practice. Remote care allows follow-up even during their business trips.



"We are so powerful. Our body knows! During a checkup, your body speaks again"


Branch in a Glass Jar
60€ per session

ACMOS bioenergy is a global method, allowing to apprehend the man in all its aspects, which rests on the research of the root causes of the disorders which can affect us.

This method aims to restore the body to its extraordinary capacity for self-management during a checkup.


ACMOS bioenergy is taking into account the energy dimension of the individual through a scientific approach, a search for the balance of man in his body, in his medication, in his nutrition and in his environment.

Any organic disorder or psychological problem is only a warning message from our body that indicates a dysfunction in our energy body, present for a long time or in the process of appearance. Today, it is recognized that any dysfunction or disorder in the energetic body will manifest itself in the more or less long term at the organic and symptomatic level.

Text from Vincent Gassies -  ACMOS Teacher






By means of measuring devices, Lecher antenna and acmos 7 bio-feedback tester, the bio-fields are measured as well as the state of the global energy circulation of the subject and the level of its meridians.

All these measures allow the bioenergetician to carry out an inventory of fixtures of the individual, to visualize the weaknesses of the body both on an energetic, organic and mental level.

The bioenergetician ACMOS has four specific protocols in order to restore the subject's dysfunctions, by exposing his body to some 300 harmonies. The missing harmonies are then identified and restored to the precise location indicated by the energy body.

It is a real dialogue that takes place between the subject's energy body and the scales of harmony contained in the suitcase, allowing us to know the origin of the disorders and the means to remedy them on the energy or organic level.


This harmonization also makes it possible to restore the disjunctions of the energy circuits.




The purpose of stimulation is to restore the body's natural energy controls, which are acupuncture points. Restoring these commands ensures better use of the body's resources, as well as better management of its vitality.

To do this, the bioenergetician uses devices such as the Acmodermil Detector / Stimulator, the QuantAcmos, and the Lecher antenna.

The chromotherapy is done using a color slide specific to the subject, which he takes with him at the end of the assessment or which he orders from SBJ International. The chromo-regulation takes place over several days.

Very important for finalizing the bioenergy balance, chromo-regulation helps strengthen the personal elimination system.



Thus, it is recommended to carry out an assessment every three months, preferably at the time of the seasons. This is the traditional follow-up for anyone who has been carrying out assessments for several years. When you start, the body will decide the next visit date suitable for a better healing.

Faced with the well-being provided by bioenergy sessions, many people do not return to meetings, "since they are fine" and are waiting to be sick.

The ACMOS Method is not a substitute for medical diagnosis.
The ACMOS Method in no way modifies the medical treatment and the dosage indicated by health professionals.

Texts from Vincent Gassies -  ACMOS teacher



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