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Holistic Support

Discover your interior

Inspiring, Sharing, Connecting

Do you need to find your full potential?

The "Inspire Art des Espaces" method offers you an outside look at your interior

going through the body and/or the housing to help you become aware of what is at stake for you today.

Design Concrete


Whether you are professional or private INSPIRE offers you a unique method for:

  • Develop your potentials

  • Strengthen your resources

  • Initiate the process that allows development

  • Preparation and follow-up program for sport athletes

I assist freeride skiers or hockey players participating in the Beijing 2022 Olympics.

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Visual Merchandiser
Feng Shui Expert
Workshop organiser

"I've created Inspire Art des Espaces because I believe in the need to have a global vision to achieve harmony. I invite you to experience your interior as a powerful revealer. I do not claim to hold the truth.
My intention is to guide you in this (re)discovery of yourself by exploring your habitat and/or your body through the mirror effect."

Inspire Art des Espaces offers to accompany you in your desire for profound changes. Thanks to various tools such as Bioenergy, Geobiology and Feng-Shui, comprehensive care is offered to you.

I am convinced that the energy balance encompasses the human being and also his environment. In addition to the "Inspire Art des Espaces" method, I also offer individual treatments and also:

- to check your environment thanks to Geobiology (checks of the geopathogenic zones of your home and/or your workplace to put you in a neutral zone)
- to rebalance the energies of your home or your workplace thanks to Feng Shui.

I defend the idea that everything is linked and that to find the well-being we are looking for, it is necessary to combine methods.

You always have a choice, that is why Inspire Art des Espaces offers different possibilities according to the needs and objectives of each person.​

Any complementary alternative approach cannot and should not replace current or future medical treatment.

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What about teaming up for:

Discover  another way to see the world and taking action

Develop your potential thanks to a unique method

Strenghten your resources in order to adapt and understand your everyday situations

Gain  easy tools to pursue

Start the process that will allow you to flourish

Plant Mirror Reflection

Discover the tools one by one

You already hold the keys to healing and the solution will come from within.


Geobiology is multidisciplinary. It calls upon notions of geology, physics and biology. The main purpose of a geobiological expertise is to secure the inhabitants of the place studied. Whether it is an existing house or a building plot.

Inspire Art des Espaces has developed its own method for harmonizing housing and/or professional premises. Thanks to a holistic consideration of the place through geobiological measures and bioenergetic care carried over to the place itself.

Depending on the needs, in addition to the resolutions made, it is possible to propose feng shui solutions.


The ACMOS method is an approach aimed at gradually strengthening the body's ability to maintain its energy balance on its own in the face of the aggressions it undergoes chronically or occasionally. This method helps us to identify the blockages often responsible for our physical, emotional or mental disturbances (fatigue, pain, illness, stress)

​Feng Shui is an invitation to introspection. Our house is a reflection of ourselves, a showcase in which our tastes and our values ​​are exposed. Our interior says everything about us, our memories, who we are and what we live with each other under the same roof.

"My role is to make you aware of what you are experiencing today, to identify your automatisms or any other repetitive pattern to propose an appropriate action, which will generate awareness.
The different support methods can release any blockages or difficulties, in order to finally (re)become who you are, with your shadows and your light."





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